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Lyme Disease Pathogens

I have dedicated allot of studying and research to building this blog site. Hoping to help anyone learn more about Lyme disease, and how to rid your self of this killer disease that has infected more people than aids. Lyme can be a slow crippling disease that will kill you. 
 Will be adding any new information on Lyme I come across ongoing to this site.  
Believe you may have all questions answered on this blog site. If you take the time to look at all the links your questions should be answered.
My Daughter and I both had Lyme in the past, I discovered how to kill Lyme through lots of research. We both healed ourselves completely.
I would be open to show any one what we did if interested, see contact E-mail below.
Best of health to You and Loved Ones...
The Herb Guy! 

There is lots of very important information in this blog so scroll down and happy reading. 
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Very Important Movie to Watch about Lyme Disease

Nobel Prize winner Lida Mattman short version Video on Lyme Disease

 You Tube Vids to learn important facts about Lyme Disease .

Lyme Disease Symptoms


                   "Deer Ticks" Below Carry Lyme Disease           

When someone has a tick embedded into there  body, safe and proper removal is very important. Do not use tweezers to remove the tick. When you squeeze the tick with the tweezers, it will puke out pathogens in its body into your blood stream infecting you. Also putting any kind of liquid irritant on the tick will also cause the tick to puke into your blood stream.

                   You Tube Vid to see the proper tick removal.

My Daughter contracted Lyme Disease from a wood tick that was removed from the top of her head. The Doctor removed the tick by placing alcohol soaked cotton ball on it and it backed out of the scalp. This is not the proper procedure for removing a tick of any kind. Placing any kind of irritant or heat on a tick will make it puke its stomach contents into the blood stream thus for sure infecting you. See the above vids on proper tick removal, also a tick maybe embedded for over 24 hours or more and not infect you so proper removal is very important.    

Bulls Eye Rash Tick Bite


 Click on this Video to see Borrelia Burgdorferi Pathogen's  

Dr. Allan McDonald's Lyme Disease Research Video 

Borrelia Burgdorferi"(Bb) Pathogens Below 

"Lyme Disease" is now thought to be the fastest growing infectious disease in the whole world. YES! BIGGER THAN AIDS!!! There are to be at least 200,000 new cases each year in the US alone. It has been found in practically in every province in Canada. Did you know that 12.5% of people that tested positive had not developed symptoms. One in 15 persons in America is currently infected = 20 million persons. Not including those who have Lyme Disease and don't know it yet.
Less than 15% of people that actually have Lyme that are tested through the medical society tested positive, in relation to there low standards of screening for Lyme Disease.    
               Borrelia  Burgdorfer or Syphilis  Zoomed In

Ya! so what is the % here in Canada with our low standard of Lyme Disease testing ???
NOW! Let me ask you this question... Would you believe your Doctor here in Canada if he said to you that your test for Lyme Disease was negative, and that you had nothing to be worried about ???
One of my friends tested for Lyme's Disease in Alberta, Canada, through the hospital. They took blood samples and sent them away to be tested. They came back negative for having Lyme Disease Pathogens.
He found a private testing facility in the USA (listed below) that specializes in Lyme blood testing. He had his blood samples sent to them and they tested Positive for Borrelia Burgdorferi, (Lyme Disease) the killer one that looks like Syphilis, that is antibiotic resistant and is being misdiagnosed allot by doctors as Syphilis.
Hey this is a new strain of Borrelia Burgdorferi is antibiotic resistant, that is crippling and killing thousands of people today every where!!! The common old Syphilis pathogen has approx. 30 to 40 strands of DNA. 
This NEW strain of Borrelia Burgdorferi is very complex in structure, having approx. 131 strands of DNA which is not common. There is lots of controversy that this is a Syphilis pathogen that has been genetically modified on Plumb Island, by  Lyme Connecticut.
 Remember how Lyme got its name??? from where it first started to show up. Also as you read more below a well known famous pathologist, has been able to find this deadly Borrellia Burgdorferi pathogen in some pretty scary places !?!  
The only accurate way of determining if its the Old Syphilis or the New Complex Pathogen, is to check the protein makers the Pathogen leaves in the patients body. 

One of the SEVERAL "Stealth Pathogens" of the name labeled Disease "Lyme's" is called "Borrelia Burgdorferi"(Bb) that can be antibiotic resistant. The Bb spirochete is able to burrow into tendon, muscle cells, ligaments, and directly into organs. It is now realized that the disease can mimic... Syphilis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, Bell's Palsy, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, neuritis, psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia, chronic fatigue, heart failure, andia, irregular heart rhythms, fibromyalgia, dermatitis, autoimmune diseases such as scleroderma and lupus, eye inflammatory reactions, sudden deafness, SIDS, ADD and hyperactivity, chronic pain and many other conditions.

About Dr. Mattman:
Lida H Mattman, PhD, has spent seven decades studying the different forms that bacteria can take. Her contributions to medical science can be summarized best by noting that in 1998 she was nominated for the highest honor attainable in her profession: The Nobel Prize in Medicine. Professor Mattman graduated with a M.S. in Virology from Univ. of Kansas and a Ph.D. in Immunology from Yale. She has taught Immunology, Microbiology, Bacteriology, Virology, Pathology, and for 35 years worked in these fields at various schools and institutions including Harvard Univ., Howard Hughes Institute, Oakland Univ. and Wayne State Univ. where she is Professor Emeritus. She is currently working for the Nelson Medical Research Institute studying the relationship between spirochetes involved in MS, Lyme disease, and ALS.

Biology professor, Lida Mattman, author of "Stealth Pathogens", has been able to recover live spirochetes of "Borrelia Burgdorferi" from ticks, mosquito's, fleas, mites, semen, urine, blood, and spinal fluid.
"Borrellia Burgdorferi" is so dangerous that it can survive and spread without having a cell wall. Antibiotics kill bacteria by breaking down the cell wall. These antibiotics often prove ineffective against "Borrellia Burgdorferi".

 This YouTube Video of Lida Mattman is a must see.

THE "WORLD" is being  lied to!!! that you can only contract Lyme from Ticks in certain areas... it is a full blown world wide endemic.

Full version of Lida Mattman on disease a must see to get the facts from Nobel prize winner.

Part 1). This is a very important 3 part video by Dr. McDonald a leading pathologist, with decades of experience identifying blood born disease.

Dr. Harvey and Salvato of the USA estimate that 1 billion persons in the world maybe infected with Lyme's Disease. So! do you believe that you can only get Lyme's Disease from a tick bite. Hey man! they proved that Lyme's Disease can be contracted by body fluids just like "Aids" !!!
Education Link for Medical Professional a must read for any one person Click this link:

Dr. Jim Howenstein proved in HIS lab that the Herb "Samento"  does kill "Borrellia Burgdorferi" and the other pathogen's labeled as "Lyme's Disease". You have to continue this herb for long periods of time because of the ability of the  "Borrellia Burgdorferi" bacteria Pathogen able to burrow so deep into Organs and cell tissue. The Wild Herb "Sarsaparilla" also kills "Borrelia Burgdorferi". "Sarsaparilla" grows all over North and South America. Check out my blog below on "Sarsaparilla" how to help yourself for the cost of your time effort and fuel. Also go on "You Tube" and type in "The Herb Guy" for detailed vids on identifying "Wild Sarsaparilla" in the wild and how to prepare and use this powerful Lyme disease killer.  

Here is a link below to "Dr. James Howenstine's" News Page About How Samento Herb kill Lyme Pathogens (A MUST READ):

Make sure you read "Dr. James Howenstine's"Archive page to learn about many other very important MUST READ HEALTH REPORTS.....  Click on this link:


To get tested properly for Lyme, here below is a clip from the web site with relevant information.

You will have to send for free test kits, open test kit read order forms fill in information. Then take everything to your doctor, get him to fill the two blood sample tubes, and send your blood samples.
 They will test samples and send your Doctor the results. Cost is $1050.00 US for one test. You can get a 15% discount for two or more family members. Make sure you put each family name on the top of each form and do the same as stated above.
There is rumors that Doctors may say NO!!! to dealing with anything in regards to Lyme testing with their patients. 
There is a history of many Doctors, losing their licence, helping people with Lyme disease. Watch the first Video at top of this page of proof of this in the USA.


 Wild Sarsaparilla below in Fall is best time to dig the root.

Get the scoop on the wild herb " Sarsaparilla"for Killing Lyme.
"Sarsaparilla" is a very abundant wild herb that is indigenous to North,Central and South America, southern parts of Mexico, also surprisingly it is found in Jamaica. This wild herb is a member of the Ginseng family. The root stock is a big value to one's health and it grows everywhere I hike in Western Canada.
I dig this root up in the late fall and early spring with my two kids and always eager to help lab dog. The roots are more potent in the early spring and late fall but are a big advantage to one's health any time you want to dig them up. This plant is identical in appearance to Ginseng with the exception of berry color. Ginseng has a red color berry and Sarsaparilla has a black color berry. The roots grow horizontally just about 3 to 4 inches below the surface. One root may have many plants growing off a long winding tendril.
My Nephew this last spring set our new record, and dug one continuous root stock that was over 15 feet long. The roots have a pleasant Oder to them and maybe gray, tan brown to orange in color depending on earth soil composition. Sarsaparilla has many health enhancing abilities here are some that I have researched through my 30 plus years of wild plant studies. Remember when digging or picking any kind of herb to only take in random spots, this will ensure healthy regrowth of the herb for future harvest.
Click below to see my Vids on " Wild Sarsaparilla" How to identify, dig the root and how to prepare for use against Lyme Disease:
   Identify Early Stage Spring "Wild Sarsaparilla" 
                      Identifying and Digging Wild Sarsaparilla Root

             Grinding "Wild Sarsaparilla" Part 1

                      Grinding "Wild Sarsaparilla" Part 2

                                Digging Dandelion Roots

                           How To Grind Dandelion Roots

Dandelion herb nutrition facts

Revered since earlier times, Dandelion herb is one of the most sought-after herbs to enliven our daily meals. Almost all the parts of the plant, leaves, flower tops, and root, are being used either for culinary purpose or as a curative remedy for certain medical conditions.
Botanically, it belongs to the family of Asteraceae; of the genus of Taraxacum and known scientifically as Taraxacum officinale. There are many common names for this herb like priest's crown, Irish daisy, monk's head, blowball and lion's tooth.

herb dandelion dandelion-herb
Dandelion herb-Taraxacum officinale.
Note golden yellow color flower.
Photo courtesy: John Tann
Dandelion leaves. Note
succulent, long lion tooth
appearance pinnate leaves.

Herb-dandelion is believed to be originated in the Central Asian region and become naturalized in many parts of the temperate and semi-tropical regions, including Mediterranean. It is a very hardy plant, grows vigorously everywhere in the fields, lawns and meadows. It features long stout taproots from which long-jagged dark-green leaves rise directly from the ground surface in radiating fashion.
Golden yellow color flowers arise at the end of hollow-stalks in late spring to early autumn. Its hollow flower stalks are filled with sweet-scented nectar, attracting bees. Flower-stalks rise straight from the root.
Fully-grown plant reaches about 45 cms in height. Almost all the plant parts exude milky navajo-white color latex from the inured site.

Dandelion root

The root is a stout, fusiform, and fleshy, dark brown externally and white pulp inside somewhat appears like yam. It contains bitter milky latex; more concentrated than in stems and leaves. Roots are generally dug when the plant turns into second year of life. In general, roots are harvested in summer for medicinal purposes or autumn for drying and grinding for coffee.

Dandelion herb health benefits

  • Fresh dandelion greens, flower tops, and roots contain valuable constituents that are known to have anti-oxidant, disease preventing, and health promoting properties.
  • Fresh leaves are very low in calories; providing just 45 calories per 100 g. It is also good source of dietary fiber (provide about 9% of RDA per 100 g). In addition, its latex is a good laxative. These active principles in the herb help reduce weight and control cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • Dandelion root as well as other plant parts contains bitter crystalline compounds Taraxacin, and an acrid resin, Taraxacerin. Further, the root also contains inulin (not insulin) and levulin. Together, these compounds are responsible for various therapeutic properties of the herb.
  • Fresh dandelion herb provides 10161 IU of vitamin-A per 100 g, about 338% of daily-recommended intake, one of the highest source of vitamin-A among culinary herbs. Vitamin A is an important fat-soluble vitamin and anti-oxidant, required for maintaining healthy mucus membranes and skin and vision.
  • Its leaves are packed with numerous health benefiting flavonoids such as carotene-β, carotene-α, lutein, crypto-xanthin and zea-xanthn. Consumption of natural foods rich in vitamin-A and flavonoids (carotenes) helps body protect from lung and oral cavity cancers. Zeaxanthin has photo-filtering functions and protects retina from UV rays.
  • The herb is good source of minerals like potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, and magnesium. Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids, which helps regulate heart rate and blood pressure. Iron is essential for red blood cell production. Manganese is used by the body as a co-factor for the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase.
  • It is also rich in many vital vitamins including folic acid, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin, vitamin -E and vitamin-C that are essential for optimum health. Vitamin-C is a powerful natural antioxidant. Dandelion greens provide 58% of daily-recommended levels of vitamin-C.
  • Dandelion is probably the richest herbal sources of vitamin K; provides about 650% of DRI. Vitamin-K has potential role in bone mass building by promoting osteotrophic activity in the bones. It also has established role in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease patients by limiting neuronal damage in the brain.
Dandelion herb contains notable nutrients and is a great source of nutrition during winter
This humble backyard herb provides (%of RDA/100g)-
9% of dietary fiber,
19% of vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine),
20% of Riboflavin,
58% of vitamin C,
338% of vitamin A,
649% of vitamin K,
39% of iron and
19% of calcium.
(Note: RDA-Recommended daily allowance)

See the table below for in depth analysis of nutrients:

Dandelion herb greens (Taraxacum officinale), Fresh,
Nutrition value per 100 g
(Source: USDA National Nutrient data base)
Principle Nutrient Value Percentage of RDA
Energy 45 Kcal 2%
Carbohydrates 9.20 g 7%
Protein 2.70 g 5%
Total Fat 0.70 g 3%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Dietary Fiber 3.50 g 9%

Folates 27 µg 7%
Niacin 0.806 mg 5%
Pantothenic acid 0.084 mg 1.5%
Pyridoxine 0.251 mg 19%
Riboflavin 0.260 mg 20%
Thiamin 0.190 mg 17%
Vitamin A 10161 IU 338%
Vitamin C 35 mg 58%
Vitamin E 3.44 mg 23%
Vitamin K 778.4 µg 649%

Sodium 76 mg 5%
Potassium 397 mg 8%

Calcium 187 mg 19%
Iron 3.10 mg 39%
Magnesium 36 mg 9%
Manganese 0.342 mg 15%
Phosphorus 66 mg 9%
Selenium 0.5 mg 1%
Zinc 0.41 mg 4%

Carotene-α 363 µg --
Carotene-β 5854 µg --
Crypto-xanthin-β 121 µg --
Lutein-zeaxanthin 13610 µg --

Selection and storage

Oftentimes fresh dandelion greens are gathered from the wild, but the herb is better selected from known source. Actually, in many parts of the Mediterranean it is grown as annual crop by sowing in spring or sometimes as garden herb.

In the markets look for fresh, succulent, soft young leaf tops. Fresh leaves are superior in flavor and rich in many vital vitamins and anti-oxidants like ß-carotene, vitamin C and folates. Once at home store the greens in plastic bags and store in vegetable compartment as in spinach, kale etc.

Preparation and serving methods

Fresh greens and flower tops have been used in cooking. Generally pre-washed greens are blanched in boiling water for a minute or so and cooled immediately by plunging into cold water. Blanching reduces bitterness.
Here are some serving tips:

  • Young tender shoots, raw or blanched, used in salads and sandwiches either alone or in combination with other greens like lettuce, kale, cabbage, chives, etc.
  • Fresh greens may also used in soups, stews, juices, and as cooked vegetable.
  • Dried leaves as well as flower parts used to make tonic drinks and herbal dandelion teas.
  • Dandelion flowers used in the preparation of wines, schnapps, pancakes; and are favored in Arab baking.
  • Lightly roasted and grounded roots used to make wonderfully flavorful dandelion coffee. 
  • Dandelion root is also used in Japanese cooking.

Medicinal uses

Almost all the parts of dandelion herb found place in various traditional as well in modern medicine.

  • The principle compounds in the herb have laxative and diuretic functions.

  • The plant parts have been used as herbal remedy for liver and gall bladder complaints.

  • The herb is also a good tonic, appetite stimulant and is a good remedy for dyspeptic complaints.

  • The inside surface of the flower stems used as a smoothening agent for burns and stings (for example in stinging nettle allergy)

 "Sarsaparilla"  Berries Below     &         The Plant                                                              

            Wild Sarsaparilla Plant Below
Sarsaparilla is one of the best blood purifiers there is on earth, it was used in past history to kill all types of V.D., syphilis and many other blood born diseases such as Lyme Disease. As a matter of fact it was the only known killer for syphilis in past history and there was a world wide demand for this herb root stock.

Here is a compiled list of bodily influences of
"Wild Sarsaparilla":
Alliterative, Diuretic, Demulcent, stimulant, Antiscorbutic. Uses in history for rheumatism, gout,skin eruptions, ringworm,internal inflammation, colds, catarrh, fever, antidote for deadly poisons, herpes, gravel, headache, asthma, bladder, warts, ulcers, build muscle mass, weight loss, testorone builder, liver detox, there is more but that's just some for example.
See my video for identification and Digging"Wild Sarsaparilla" By "THE HERB GUY".

 Below is Picture of Sarsaparilla in Fall Time

I dry out the roots in a warm dry place uncovered and never dry any herbs in the sun light. UV DESTROYS all the good in your herbs. Dry until the root stock snaps clean with out much bend.

Then get a powerful blender and just put in maybe four pieces no longer than three inches long. Put lid on and hit blend for maybe 20 seconds or less. Dump into large bowl and repeat until all is ground up. Make sure to check your blender temp by touch, if it gets hot give a break to cool down. Then get a piece of window fly screen maybe 1 foot square, hold over another large bowl and pour some of your mixture on and shake gently back and forth.

The coarser woody chop left on fly screen is put in other separate container, then repeat until all is done. The fine powder left is either capitulated or it is better used as a tea. The woody chop is used a a tea also. The fine powder is the more potent of the two. One heaping teaspoons of "Wild Sarsaparilla" powder into one cup of boiling hot water, stir well and cover let steep for 3- 5 min. and drink floaters and all, 3 times a day one hour before meals.

Drink hot or cold. I mix mine with other great tasting tea.  Did you know that most all herbs on earth, are hot water soluble, and tea is the best way for your body to absorb a herbs gooooooooood for youuuuuu.

Here is You Tube Vids about general Lyme Disease:
Part1 and Part: 2 Below: 

                                                         Part 1 Lyme Disease

                                                  Part 2 Lyme Disease


Lyme Disease and Biowarfare:

A Summary of the Connections
Jerry Leonard
Excerpt from:

“…we are dealing here with a formidable 'smart stealth' type of bacteria that is hard to eradicate — one that does extreme damage to psyche and soma if not treated aggressively over the long term when missed in the first days following inoculation by the vector...”

                                                --Dr. Virginia Scherr


 Researchers have demonstrated the extensive ties between the CDC’s biodefense unit and the perpetuation of the Lyme Epidemic.[1]

Here is a summary of the connections between the Lyme Epidemic and biowarfare:

  •  The causative agent of Lyme disease (Borrelia burgdorferi) was identified by and named after a biowarfare researcher named Willy Burgdorfer, who worked at a biowarfare lab (Rocky Mountain Labs) developing and publishing methods for infecting Ixodid ticks with Borrelia agents—a decade or so before an epidemic caused by Borrelia agents spread by Ixodid ticks broke out just outside a top-level biowarfare lab that did outdoor tick research.[2]

  • Lyme disease itself is named after Lyme, Connecticut—the town a few miles from a top-level biowarfare lab (Plum Island Animal Disease Research Center) that not only did outdoor tick experiments but also has a history of pathogen leaks.[3]

    • Plum Island still conducts tick research with African Swine Fever Virus, which, according to papers published by Lyme/biowarfare experts such as Alan Barbour, has “sequence similarities” to segments of DNA in the telomeres of the Borrelia organism which causes Lyme disease.[4]
    • Plum Island propagates this genetically engineered virus in ticks for vaccine studies. This virus, according to numerous reports, has also reportedly been used by the U.S. in real-world biological warfare attacks.[5]

  • Lyme disease has properties ideal for a disabling biowarfare agent:[6] rapid dissemination within the body but causing delayed symptoms, relapsing antibiotic resistant infection, protective cyst formation (similar to anthrax), capability for inducing both mental and physical incapacitation[7]

    • Just as the Lyme spirochete epidemic was getting started, we learned in 1977 of a massive government research effort known as MKULTRA that was "concerned with the research and development of chemical, biological and radiological materials" to do exactly what Lyme does: "severely" incapacitate human victims. [8] [9]
    • To accomplish this goal, the government engaged in "extensive testing and experimentation" on unwitting human subjects "at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign."[10]

  • The vector for Lyme disease (Ixodid ticks) was "discovered" by a biowarfare defense expert (Allen Steere) from the CDC's Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS).[11]

    • As director of the biowarfare lab at University of California, Irvine (The Pacific Southwest Regional Center of Excellence for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases) Barbour was awarded a research contract by the NIH in 2011 to lead a Lyme vaccine research effort on an island off the coast of the North East of the United States, the location of “ground zero” of the Lyme epidemic and in proximity to the nation’s premier biowarfare test facility that also conducted outdoor tick experiments.[17]

  • The Lyme Epidemic is being perpetuated by researchers affiliated with the CDC's biowarfare defense unit (EIS), including Steere (EIS) and Eugene Shapiro (EIS) by forcing doctors to treat (or not treat) patients according to treatment guidelines that are so draconian and riddled with self-serving recommendations that the organization that put them out was investigated and reprimanded by the Attorney General of Connecticut. [18]

    • Gary Wormser is the lead author on the fraudulent treatment guidelines published by the IDSA, which prevent patients from getting effective treatments. (In his spare time, he lectures as an expert on biowarfare agents and treatments: How Germs Become Weapons: Recognizing Agents -- Treating Patients.)
    • The research study Wormser used to justify his position that Lyme disease is readily cured with short courses of antibiotics was a fraudulent study authored by Mark Klempner, a CDC EIS agent who also now directs a biowarfare lab, at Boston University. (This celebrated study to allegedly investigate long-term antibiotic treatment of Lyme patients was halted before long-term antibiotics could even be administered.[19])

  • The first vaccine against the disease was developed and licensed by a defense contractor (Yale Corporation) that worked closely with Plum Island biowarfare lab on biowarfare and vaccine agents.[20] The lead investigator for the vaccine field trials (Steere) was a Yale and EIS alumnus who has done everything in his power to deny effective antibiotic treatments to Lyme victims, so that the immune response to the disease could be mapped out in untreated controls.

  • Lyme disease was recently named as a biowarfare agent by the U.S. government. [21]

  • Consistent with this scenario is a recent publication which traced the catastrophic increase in the host-range and pathogenic nature of the Lyme spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi, to a recently modified clone:
    • "In fact, the highly pathogenic ospC-A clone [of Borrelia burgdorferi] seems to have spread rapidly in recent years to infect a broad range of host species ...
    • We conclude that the ospC-A clone has dispersed rapidly and widely in the recent past. The spread of the ospC-A clone may have contributed, and likely continues to contribute, to the rise of Lyme disease incidence.”
    [“Wide Distribution of a High-Virulence Borrelia burgdorferi Clone in Europe and North America,” Emerg Infect Dis. 2008 July; 14(7): 1097–1104.]


Thus, it is not a question whether Lyme is a biowarfare agent. The question is, when was it first investigated as one?

Related questions include:

  • Where exactly did the "highly pathogenic ospC-A clone" of Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme disease) which "has dispersed rapidly and widely in the recent past" to "infect a broad range of host species" come from?
  • Why is a biowarfare researcher who lectured on treatment protocols for the anthrax biowarfare agent that, according to the FBI, somehow escaped Fort Detrick the week of 9-11 also the lead author on the treatment protocols for a different biowarfare agent that appears to have escaped from Fort Detrick's outdoor test lab at Plum Island years earlier?
  • If it were not a biowarfare agent, what are the odds that an Ixodid tick-borne Borrelia disease agent that has been identified by the government as a biowarfare agent, would be named after a biowarfare researcher who published methods for infecting Ixodid ticks with Borrelia agents inside a biowarfare lab?
  • What are the odds a Borrelia disease spread by ticks, that broke out just outside a biowarfare lab that conducted tick research, is not a biowarfare agent?

  • And what are the odds that treatment denial for this disease agent, which is orchestrated by various agents of the biowarfare wing of an agency that conducted experiments limiting treatment for a similar disease agent (both the Lyme Borrelia and syphilis are classified as spirochetes), is not part of a similar experiment conducted on a grander scale, this time under the protection of biowarfare research?[22]

It has been said that the first rule of biowarfare is that a disease agent is never released by a government unless the government has a cure, to protect the non-targeted populations. Since Lyme is obviously being allowed to spread internationally by agents of the American biowarfare infrastructure, this gives hope that a cure for Lyme disease does indeed exist, but is being selectively applied (for example, to the politicians who get Lyme disease).

Thus, further investigation into the biowarfare roots of Lyme disease may reveal this cure. The white-coated, blood-sucking parasites in the national security infrastructure are clearly not going to reveal the secrets about the blood sucking, Lyme-infected parasites they have unleashed on the world. This would open them up to charges of crimes against humanity. Consequently, Lyme patients must demand answers to these questions if they are to prevent this epidemic from creating an even greater public health disaster (including contamination of the blood supply by the difficult-to-detect disease agent) from which we may never recover.

"The number of Steere camp Lyme researchers with a background in the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) and/or biowarfare research is too numerous to be pure coincidence. Two scientists who have played a central role in the Lyme story, Barbour and Klempner, have been placed in charge of new biowar super-labs set up in the aftermath of 9-11, where they are aided by some of their Steerite colleagues. Others, while not in charge of super-labs, are nevertheless in receipt of substantial grants for biowarfare research." 
                              -- Elena Cook, “Lyme Is A Biowarfare Issue


Jerry Leonard is a Lyme disease victim and author. He has written three books on unethical medical experiments conducted by the government -- including experiments involving the systematic injection of tumor cells and monkey cancer virus in humans so that model forms of cancer could be induced and maintained in human subjects for vaccine research. For an overview of Jerry’s work, see:

America’s Secret Weapons: 
Contact Jerry at

 See Also:

Additional Resources

The source of Lyme disease has been traced to a biological warfare experiment gone out of control through books, films, and television documentaries.


·         Lab 257, by Michael Carroll


  • Elena Cook, "Lyme Is A Biowarfare Issue"

  • Marjorie Tietjen, “Discreet Methods of Biological Warfare”

  • Marjorie Tietjen, “Lyme Disease - A Biological Weapon?”

  • Mark Sanborne, “The Mystery of Plum Island: Nazis, Ticks and Weapons of Mass Infection”

  • Tina J. Garcia, “Biowarfare Lab Directors Are Experts on Lyme Disease, A Level II Debilitating Biological Agent”


  • Under the Eightball, documentary by Tim Grey (film links Lyme disease epidemic to biowarfare research)

  • Under Our Skin (film that documents the non-treatment of Lyme disease victims)

  • Plum Island episode, Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory” discusses Lyme disease and biowarfare

The Subversion of Modern Medicine Through Treatment Guidelines (or "How To Wage Institutionalized Biowarfare")
Part 1:
Part 2:


For a disease that's "hard to catch and easy to cure"--the "party line" of Steere-Camp, government-grant sanctioned "gate-keepers"--  there sure is a lot of high-level interest on the part of the "biowarfare community," including several biowarfare lab directors, who double as Lyme [non-] treatment experts...

The Plague of Plum Island & Lab 257: Fort Detrick's Outdoor Biowar Test Lab


[1] See Elena Cook’s article Elena Cook's "Lyme Is A Biowarfare Issue":

[2] The film-makers for Lyme disease documentary Under Our Skin, relate the bizarre story of what happened when they tried to interview Willy Burgdorfer, the biowarfare researcher for whom the Lyme disease agent is named:

“Just as we began filming, there was a pounding on the door, and we found ourselves facing someone who turned out to be a top researcher at the nearby Rocky Mountain Laboratories, a biolevel-4 NIH research facility. Standing on the porch, our uninvited guest said, “I’ve been told that I need to supervise this interview. This comes from the highest levels. There are things that Willy can’t talk about.”

“We were stunned. After all, Dr. Burgdorfer had been retired from the lab since 1986. We were there to talk to a private citizen, about the history of a very public discovery that had put him on the short list for a Nobel Prize. Earlier that year, the NIH had refused our requests to interview any of their Lyme researchers. What was going on? Why would the NIH want to censor information about the fastest growing bug-borne disease in the United States?’ “Lyme discoverer Willy Burgdorfer breaks silence on heated controversy,”

[3] The New York Times reported that one virus alone has escaped the Plum Island lab environs at least two times. One was the day before a visit by New York politicians. A previous escape occurred in 1978, just as the Lyme epidemic was getting underway:

“The Department of Homeland Security confirmed last week that the highly contagious foot-and-mouth virus had briefly spread within the Plum Island Animal Disease Center in two previously undisclosed incidents earlier this summer.

“The first incident, which involved two head of cattle, occurred one day before government officials and visitors came to the island on June 25 to celebrate the laboratory's 50th anniversary. …

“In 1978, a foot and mouth outbreak among animals in pens outside the laboratory resulted in new procedures for keeping animals used in research inside the biocontainment area.”

John Rather,  “Plum Island Reports Disease Outbreak,” New York Times, Aug. 22, 2004.

[4] “When the borrelia telomeres were compared with telomeric sequences of other linear double-stranded DNA replicons, sequence similarities were noted with poxviruses and particularly with the iridovirus agent of African swine fever. The latter virus and a Borrelia sp. share the same tick vector. These findings suggest that the novel linear plasmids of Borrelia originated through a horizontal genetic transfer across kingdoms.” [Did this horizontal genetic transfer have any human assistance?]

J. Hinnebusch and A.G. Barbour, J Bacteriol.  November 1991; 173(22): 7233–7239.

[5] The virus has been identified as one used in real-world biological warfare exercises against Cuba. “CIA Link to Cuban, Pig Virus Reported,” San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 10, 1977,

[6] As summarized by Mark Sanborne:
“Lyme’s ability to evade detection on routine medical tests, its myriad presentations which can baffle doctors by mimicking 100 different diseases, its amazing abilities to evade the immune system and antibiotic treatment, would make it an attractive choice to bioweaponeers looking for an incapacitating agent. Lyme’s abilities as ‘The Great Imitator’ might mean that an attack could be misinterpreted as simply a rise in the incidence of different, naturally occurring diseases such as autism, MS, lupus and chronic fatigue syndrome (M.E.). Borrelia’s inherent ability to swap outer surface proteins, which may also vary widely from strain to strain, would make the production of an effective vaccine extremely difficult. ... Finally, the delay before the appearance of the most incapacitating symptoms would allow plenty of time for an attacker to move away from the scene, as well as preventing people in a contaminated zone from realising they had been infected and seeking treatment.”
Mark Sanborne, “The Mystery of Plum Island: Nazis, Ticks and Weapons of Mass Infection”

[7] In addition to weapons that could kill quickly, the Pentagon was interested in weapons that could incapacitate—like Rift Valley Fever. Michael Carroll relates in his book Lab 257: “Pentagon scientists briefed President Dwight D. Eisenhower on using Rift Valley Fever as a nonlethal biological weapon that would ‘incapacitate’ the enemy, rather than kill him. Used correctly, it could deter and demoralize the enemy and, at the same time, spare buildings and infrastructure from incendiary bombs. The president approved funding in this new area of weaponry, calling it a ‘splendid idea.’ Research on incapacitating germ agents began.

[8] According to congressional sources on the nature of the MKULTRA research: "Its purpose was to stockpile severely incapacitating and lethal materials."

As described in one study: "The MKULTRA activity is concerned with the research and development of chemical, biological and radiological materials capable of employment in clandestine operations to control human behavior."

This behavior included discrediting behaviors and the ability to induce mental and physical incapacitation.

[9] Much has been written about the chemical and radiation experiments that were conducted as part of MKULTRA. Very little has been written about the infectious disease agents that were developed for mental incapacitation.

[10] It is hard to overestimate the scale of this experimentation, or the level of participation among the nation’s leading academics and scientists in the search for mentally incapacitating and controlling agents.  Dr. Collin Ross states:
“The participation of psychiatrists and medical schools in mind-control research was not a matter of a few scattered doctors pursuing questionable lines of investigation. Rather, the mind-control experimentation was systematic, organized and involved many leading psychiatrists and medical schools. The mind-control experiments were interwoven with radiation experiments and research on chemical and biological weapons. They were funded by the CIA, Army, Navy, Air Force and by other agencies including the Public Health Service and the Scottish Rite Foundation. The psychiatrists, psychologists, neurosurgeons and other contractors conducting the work were imbedded in a broad network of doctors, and much of the research was published in medical journals. The climate was permissive, supportive and approving of mind-control experimentation.”

[11] Actually it was discovered by one of his patients, Joe Dowhan, who presented Steere with the tick that bit him prior to his development of Lyme symptoms. Dowhan had even saved the tick, which turned out to be from the Ixodes Scapularis species. Murray, p. 157.

[12] Barbour wrote of bizarre human experiments for syphilis cures in which human subjects were infected with borrelia agents after they were passaged through mice: “When using borreliae for pyrotherapy of neurosyphilis, the authors of this report recommended that no more than 30 to 40 passages in mice be made before inoculation of the strain back into humans.” Alan G. Barbour and Stanley F. Hayes,  “Biology of Borrelia Species, Microbiological Reviews,”  December 1986, p. 381-400.

[13] H.B. Rees,  Jr., M.A. Smith , J.C. Spendklove,  R.S. Fraser,  T. Fukushima,  A.G. Barbour,  Jr. and  F. J. Schoenfeld,  “Epidemiologic and Laboratory Investigations of Bovine Anthrax in Two Utah Counties in 1975,” Public Health Reports, March-April 1977, Vol. 92, No. 2 177.

[14] Ariadna Sadziene, D. Denee Thomas, Virgilio G. Bundoc, Stanley C. Holt and Alan G. Barbour, “A Flagella-less Mutant of Borrelia burgdorferi,” J. Clin. Invest., Volume 88, July 1991, 82-92.

[15] "The Pacific Southwest Regional Center of Excellence for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases (PSW RCE) was funded in May, 2005 by the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). The PSW RCE serves Region IX and is one of ten nationally funded Centers which support the NIAID Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases Research Agenda."

[16] From an article on the Pacific-Southwest Regional Center of Excellence for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases Research, in Homeland Security News, quoting Dr. Barbour: “The center’s main objective, he said, is to provide the science for creating a defense against emerging diseases, like dengue fever, and potential bioterrorism agents, like the botulism toxin.” “UCI Awarded $45 Million for Infectious Disease Research,  May 13, 2009.

[17] Abstract Text: ‘Our long-term goal is sustainable reduction of the incidence of Lyme borreliosis (LB). We propose to achieve this safely and inexpensively by targeting vaccines to the reservoir hosts of the agent Borrelia burgdorferi. Building upon our proof-of-concept studies and extending the work's scope to include further definition of the key reservoir species, we will develop live attenuated vaccines for oral delivery in the field and initiate controlled vaccine trials at field sites. The field studies will also inform implementation of a reservoir-targeted plague vaccine (Project 7.3). This is a multidisciplinary, multi-institution translational research project. Specific aim 1 is further development of a vaccine that uses the vaccinia virus backbone of the commercial rabies vaccine to express OspA of B. burgdorferi and to (a) administer this to a major reservoir, the white-footed mouse, Peromyscus leucopus, and (b) evaluate different methods of field delivery of the vaccine.  Contact Principal Investigator: BARBOUR, ALAN G.’

[18] Quoting Attorney General Richard Blumenthal: “We issued a subpoena to the IDSA because its guidelines may severely constrict choices and legitimate diagnosis and treatment options for patients.”

As it turns out, the IDSA panel was riddled with conflicts of interest as well as military agents of the CDC’s EIS. This might explain why the panel’s “voluntary” treatment guidelines were immediately picked up by the CDC’s website. It may also explain why the board’s increasingly narrow-minded treatment protocols have been used to target doctors for elimination because they choose to treat Lyme disease according to the best-known methods instead of according to the IDSA’s so-called “voluntary guidelines.” EIS doctors also testify at the medical board trials of doctors who treat against EIS-authored guidelines.

[19] “After a planned interim analysis, the … monitoring board recommended that the studies be discontinued because data from the … patients indicated that it was highly unlikely that a significant difference in treatment efficacy between the groups would be observed…” Mark S. Klempner, et al, “Two Controlled Trials of Antibiotic Treatment in Patients with Persistent Symptoms and a History of Lyme Disease,”  New England Journal of Medicine,; 345:85-92, July 12, 2001.

[20] Yale personnel worked hand-in-glove with Plum Island on the Rift Valley Fever virus and also with Fort Detrick on vaccines against this incapacitating disease agent, even helping conduct human experiments with them as part of Operation Whitecoat.

[21] An article was put out by the Associated Press mentioning the study of Lyme disease at a new biowarfare lab at the University of Texas, San Antonio. The article was quickly retracted and mention of Lyme disease was scrubbed from the article. Here is the text of the original article: “A new research lab for bioterrorism opened Monday at the University of Texas at San Antonio. The $10.6 million Margaret Batts Tobin Laboratory Building will provide a 22,000-square-foot facility to study such diseases as anthrax, tularemia, cholera, lyme disease, desert valley fever and other parasitic and fungal diseases.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified these diseases as potential bioterrorism agents.” MSNBC, 11/21/2005. For a comparison of the censored and uncensored articles, see:

[22] Tina Garcia has reported: “Three well-known researchers, who have studied Lyme disease for many years, are currently biowarfare lab directors. Their names are Dr. Alan G. Barbour, Director of the Pacific-Southwest Regional Center of Excellence for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases at the University of California Irvine, Dr. Duane J. Gubler, Director of the Asia-Pacific Institute of Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases at the University of Hawaii, and Dr. Mark S. Klempner, Director of the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories at Boston University.” Tina J. Garcia, “Biowarfare Lab Directors Are Experts on Lyme Disease, a Level II Debilitating Biological Agent,”  Nov. 24, 2010,;read=189403

[23] The borrelia agent that causes Lyme disease was named Borrelia burgdorferi (or Bb) after Willy Borgderfer and other Rocky Mountain Lab researchers published the first papers on it. See: Burgdorfer W, Barbour A.G., Hayes S.F., Benach J.L., Grunwaldt E, and Davis J.P., "Lyme disease-a tick-borne spirochetosis?," Science,  June 18, 1982;216(4552):1317-9.

[24] Burgdorfer forced a relapsing fever borrelia known as B. Latchevi, found naturally in an argasid tick species known as O. tartakovskyi, to infect a species of tick known as O. moubata, which had been transported to the Rocky Mountain lLab from the Congo. Burgdorfer fed the moubata ticks on mice that had been infected with the borrelia by the borrelia’s natural host O. tartakovskyi. Serial passage of the borrelia was carried out by injecting other mice with the blood of the tick-infected mice. Attempts were then made to infect other lab animals by allowing the newly infected tick species under study, O. moubata, to feed on infected mice and then healthy mice and rabbits. It was found that the moubata tick could be readily infected through diseased animals but could not pass the infection on to the healthy animals by feeding on them.

Burgdorfer, W, and Davis, G.E., "Experimental infection of the African relapsing fever tick, Ornithodoros moubata (Murray), with Borrelia latychevi (Sofiev)," J Parasitol. August 1954; 40(4):456-60.

[25] Burgdorfer, W., "On the 'Occult' Infection in Relapsing Fevers," Bull. Soc. Pathol. Exot., 1954;  47: 664-667.

[26] "The described feeding technique provides an excellent artifice for experimental infection of Ixodid ticks with viruses or other pathogens. To a great extent it eliminates the use of expensive laboratory animals which in the past had to serve as blood donors for the infection of these arthropods. Because of irregular feeding habits of the Ixodidae, it is impossible to obtain uniformly infected ticks for experimental studies, a difficulty which can be overcome by use of the technique here described. ...This technique, furthermore, is of great value in studies on the transmission of disease agents." Willy Burgdorfer, "Artificial Feeding of Ixodid Ticks for Studies on the Transmission of Disease Agents," J Infect Dis. , May-Jun 1957;100(3):212-4.

[27] “The results suggest that B. burgdorferi in its animal hosts and possibly also in humans causes prolonged spirochetemias characterized by episodes of alternating high and low concentrations of spirochetes as reflected by similar percentages of infected ticks. The long persistence of spirochetes in the peripheral blood stream and the cyclical form of Lyme borreliosis appear to be related, as in relapsing fevers, to the capacity of B. burgdorferi to undergo antigenic variations.” Willy Burgdorfer,W and T.G. Schwan, "Lyme Borreliosis: A Relapsing Fever-Like Disease?," Scand J Infect Dis Suppl. 1991;77:17-22.

[28] “The causes of Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease were discovered at RML.” Carlotta Grandstaff, "Bush’s War on Terrorism Comes West," HighCountryNews.org

[31] “Throughout his career, Dr. Burgdorfer participated in a number of WHO and other health organization-sponsored seminars and congresses. From 1967-1972, he served as associate member on the Rickettsial Commission of the Armed Forces Epidemiology Board. For several years (1968-1971) he was also co-project officer of the PL 480-sponsored Research Project on Rickettsial Zoonoses in Egypt and adjacent areas, and from 1979 to 1986, he directed the WHO-sponsored Reference Center for Rickettsial Diseases at RML in Montana, U.S.A.” Source:



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